Natural Resources

Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag Resource Council

The Kabapikotawangag Protocol, the guiding document for AKRC, states that the mandate of the organization is to work to, “Protect and promote the resources in Kabapikotawanagag (Lake of The Woods).” It is its over riding principle of protection and promotion of natural resources that distinguishes AKRC from other tribal councils in the region. Over two decades AKRC has taken the lead role in establishing natural resource programs to ensure that the communities can fulfill their roles as “keepers of the lake”. The AKRC staff, committees, and communities work together to ensure the cooperation, coordination, and holistic approaches are in place for the delivery of services to support a high quality of life for the Anishinaabe people. The primary focus is to ensure the children, youth, adults, and elders of the member first nation communities have the resources available to meet the challenges and opportunities for life-long development. It is within AKRC’s mandate is to educate the communities about the conservation and restoration of the land and water that we protect.

Under the Articles of Incorporation, the Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag Resource Council is mandated for the following:

  • development and implementation of strategic initiatives that enhance the individual’s ability to complete the life cycle from infancy to elder in a socially, economically, politically, and spiritually self-sufficient community
  • promotion and protection of the Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag integrity to their language, culture, history, spirituality and sacred relation to the lands and waters
  • and promotion and protection of the special treaty and fiduciary relationships to the crown.

While carrying out its local mandate in providing programs and services to the five member First Nations, the Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag Resource Council also engage other governments and organizations in establishing relationships, protocols, and agreements.

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AKRC Fisheries

The AKRC Fisheries was a project initiated by the First Nations Commercial fishery

  • To develop First Nations capacity in the fisheries management and decision making
  • To collect biological information on a variety of species on Lake of The Woods to monitor the health and sustainability of the fishery.
  • Protection of the Lake and its resources for future generations
  • Protect harvesting and treaty rights of the Anishinaabeg

AKRC Fisheries allows the leaders and representatives of Lake of the Woods to make informed decisions and to participate in planning and development of the natural resources within the territory Lake of the woods is home to an exclusive First Nation commercial fishery, which generates valuable source of income for communities with limited opportunities and extremely high unemployment rates. The Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag Resource Council (AKRC) is an organization that provides program services to seven First Nation Communities around Lake of The Woods. AKRC Fisheries assist in development of fisheries programs to increase opportunities available to First Nation Community members in all aspects of the fishery industry. An important component of AKRC fisheries mandate is to ensure the long-term sustainability of the fishery industry utilizing both traditional ecological knowledge and western science.

Collaborations and information exchanged between AKRC and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources are vital in developing a list of benchmarks and indicators that will be used to assess the ongoing status of the Lake of the Woods fishery. This provides a unique stewardship building opportunity in which the AKRC Fisheries unit, affiliated First Nation communities, and the province of Ontario can work collaboratively to ensure sustainability and economic opportunities of the fishery industry.

Fisheries Gathering with OMNRF - December 5, 2019

AKRC and several technical working groups/committees along with the OMNRF exercise their cooperative management responsibilities through the exchange of data and information, and examination of management/regulatory options. These groups attempt to reach consensus in the exercising of their respective authorities through cooperation management mechanisms.

AKRC ensures fishing practices are aimed at maintaining and increasing local fish populations for long term. We value having access to local fish today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.