Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag Resource Council is committed to common solidarity for the good and benefit of all our men, women, elders and children.

Staff Listing

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Name Position Extension
Rhonda Nash Director of Operations Email
Dominic Boucher Finance Advisor Email
Vacant Economic Development Advisor
Michelle Oshie Executive Assistant/Membership Email
Lucille Kelly-Davis Language Preservation & Revitalization Coordinator Email
Elizabeth Arch Community Development Support Program Worker (AHWS) Email
Leslie Prince Fire Prevention Email
Jyles Copenace Natural Resources Coordinator Email
Elaine Ross Community Spectrum Development Worker/Mental Health Pandemic Coordinator Email
Barbara Katic Education Support Email
Cullen Robb Technical Services Advisor Email
Erik Skiby Environmental Technician Advisor Email
Vanessa Powassin COVID-19 Coordinator/Mental Health Pandemic Coordinator Email
Phil Tangie Hub Manager Email
Robert Dawson Hub Operator-in-Charge Email
Jasneet Mander Social Emergency Manager Email
Albert Hunter Trauma Informed Cultural Practitioner Email

Northern Sub Office at Wauzhushk Onigum Nation Band Office

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AKRC Main Office

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  • Fax (807) 226-4459

Northern Sub Office

  • Tel (807) 548-5642
  • Fax (807) 548-4638