our mission

Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag Resource Council

is committed to common solidarity for the good and benefit of all our men, women, elders and children

Economic Development

The Economic Development program participants in the following activities:

  •  Participates in AKRC and individual work-related sessions, workshops, meetings and conferences relevant to economic and employment developments.
  • Participates in organizations and initiatives relevant to AKRC’s economic and employment development.
  • Represents and participants on specific Board of Directors on behalf of the AKRC by appointment only.
  • Individual’s role is to assist in the Human Resources development of the AKRC staff, Chief and Council and member First Nation staff, where directed and in particular, the First Nations economic development advisors/officers/assistants
  • Remains informed on news and innovative technologies, practices and techniques that would further the economic development and self-sufficiency goals and objectives of the AKRC and the member First Nations
  • Research and assist in business plan development and proposals for a specific projects with member First Nations.
  • Administers and maintain economic and employment development program budget for AKRC member First Nation, where directed.
  • Subscribes for recognize economic development materials, resources, publications and/or subscription

Economic Development Advisor

The Economic Development Advisor is a conduit for economic development funding, programs and grants information, as well as resources for training and professional development.

For more information on the Economic Development department please contact Darlene Paypompee.