Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag Resource Council

The Education department contributes and supports our 5 member First Nations in the delivery of quality educational programming. We strive to assist, advocate, support, and enable AKRC’s First Nations in their education endeavours through a variety of programs, committees, and events we host.

The AKRC’s Education department is guided by the Education Steering Committee Representatives whom we collaborate and consult with monthly.

Our goals for our department, include:

  • Developing and promoting effective communication among AKRC First Nations
  • Facilitating and researching the development of AKRC First Nations education programs
  • Supporting students’ education
  • Student Recognition (awards & bursaries)
  • Education Policy Analysis
  • Advocacy
  • Partnerships
  • Strategies for Parental Engagement
  • Technical Support

For more details and information on our Strategic plan, please contact Crystal Smith.

Language Apps

In an effort to preserve our Indigenous language we have been working on the development of 2 fun and interactive apps for Ojibwe within our 5 First Nation member communities.

The apps are called “Ojibwe Learning” and “Ojibwe Game” both promote and support the learning and use of the language. (insert links to the apps here or somewhere)

AKRC consulted with fluent speakers and Elders in the First Nation through the duration of this project. With the support of our First Nations, AKRC will continue to expand and promote the language.

(Click on images to be redirected to the iTunes App Store)

Strategic Plan Objectives & Priorities

Vision for AKRC Education

AKRC is a sustainable, progressive and resourceful Council with strong management and administration that focuses on working collaboratively with the communities. The Council communicates effectively, supports unity, provides supports in advocacy, and is continually working to meet the needs of the member communities.

The high-quality staff works diligently to ensure that the Education Department develops innovative educational supports for the communities to ensure success for all students. Education leaders will meet quarterly to address current issues and share experiences.

Our goal is to ensure that our learners become the leaders in all areas pertaining to the Lake and Land so that the next generations will continue to protect our inherent rights, our people and our traditional governance systems.

AKRC Education - Five Year Strategic Plan

Education Steering Committee

The Education Steering Committee work on behalf of the First Nations that is mandated to support First Nations students and advance education within communities.

Committee Members:

  • Wendy Kuczma – Wauzhushk Onigum Nation
  • Kathy Kishqueb – Onigaming First Nation
  • Christopher Johnson – Big Grassy First Nation
  • Lorna Oshie – Northwest Angle #37
  • Elizabeth Mitchell – Northwest Angle #33
  • (may not reflect a complete list of all active committee members)

Elder Council

The Committee works in conjunction with the Elder council, who exist to help guide the committee in traditional knowledge and practices. The Elder council includes the following members:

  • Ida Skead – Wauzhusk
  • Jeanette Skead – Wauzhusk
  • Roy Tom – Big Grassy
  • Susan Archie – Big Grassy
  • Alfred Oshie – NWA#37
  • Gloria Green – Onigaming
  • Robert Bob – Onigaming
  • Agnes Paul – NWA#33
  • Melvin Henry – NWA#33
  • Robert McLeod – NWA#37


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