Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag Resource Council

Aboriginal Health Planning Authority (AHPA) provides support & expertise to address the health & wellness needs of AKRC communities funded under the Indigenous Health & Wellness Strategy.

The Health programs within AKRC are responsible to AKRC Tribal council member First Nations. Our goal is to promote wholistic wellness, development, implement, support and encourage Healthy lifestyles empowering Mino Ayawin (Good Health) creating a balance of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Our core values steam from the 7 teachings; Wisdom, Honesty, Truth, Humility, Love, Courage & Respect.

Indigenous Health & Wellness Strategy

Community Development Support
Indigenous Health Planning Authority

Personal Support Worker Training

PSW Certification & Enhanced Training
Funding on Yearly Approach

Family Wellbeing

Regional Coordination
Funding Flow Through

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Support

FASD Support Worker

Strategic Plan Objectives & Priorities

Our Plan at a Glance

Priority #1 – Traditional Health across the Lifespan
– To improve long-term health and wellness through enhancing our traditional bundle.
– Greater participation in meaningful relationships across the lifespan
– Increased access to Anishinabe teachings, culture and traditions

Priority #2 – Strengthening Relationships & Communication
– Increase engagement with partners, stakeholders and governments
– Optimize internal/external communications using multiple channels and digital resources
– Minimize barriers to health care through the standardization of anishinaabemowin (Ojibway Language) in delivery models

Priority #3 – Integrated Quality Coordination
– Increase resources to invest in AKRC health services
– Establish a Technological Centre of Excellence encompassing best practices in Indigenous Health
– Liason with communities, partners and stakeholders to reduce barriers to accessing services

Priority #4 – Quality Work Environment
– Create operational standardization through transparency and accountibility
– Promote lifelong learning and commit to the overall health of our team members

For more details and information on our Strategic plan, please contact the Health Staff – Elizabeth Arch