We are committed
to common solidarity

for the good and benefit of all
our men, women, elders and children...

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From time immemorial our Nations and people have lived enjoyed the gifts of the Creation. We have enjoyed and benefited from a long history of political, social, and cultural, and spiritual interactions and relationships.


The AKRC staff, committees and communities work together to ensure the cooperation, coordination and holistic approaches are in place for the delivery of services to support a high quality of life for the Anishinaabe people.

Our Communities

The Governing Board of AKRC, with guidance from the Elders Council, serves as the primary counsel for the introduction and deliberation of issues affecting the operational and structural integrity of the organization.

The Story of the Kabapikotawangag Staff

From a dream...

The Kabapikotawangag Staff belongs to the Lake of the Sand Bars. It was given to us by the spiritual. It was given to Clifford in a dream. (Told by Clifford Skead)

A man came and told him to make a staff for the lake people. The staff was to be the size of a man – longer than 6 feet. The feathers belong to and represent each community…

Jordan's Principle

Ensuring First Nations children receive the public services they need when they need them.

Jordan’s Principle aims to make sure First Nations children can access all public services in a way that is reflective of their distinct cultural needs, takes full account of the historical disadvantage linked to colonization, and without experiencing any service denials, delays or disruptions because they are First Nations.

Our Programs

Health Services

Aboriginal Health Planning Authority (AHPA) provides support & expertise to address the health & wellness needs of AKRC communities funded under the Aboriginal Healing & Wellness Strategy.


The Education Department provides administration and management of the education programs of AKRC with assistance to its member communities, to plan, manage, administer and monitor.

Natural Resource Development

The work ranges from very hands-on, in the field activities, to proposal preparation, to data study. We conduct fish sampling all over Lake of the Woods, on all types of fish species.


The Mining Industry in Northwestern Ontario is bountiful and contains much opportunity for individuals who are looking into prospecting of various mineral types.

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