Food deliveries assist First Nation communities during Covid-19 Pandemic

Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag Resource Council

The AKRC staff have been very busy meeting to assist with food and coordinate deliveries to the isolated community of Northwest Angle #33 as the community is under the first few days of being under full
lock-down as a result of COVID-19. The deliveries have been met with emotional responses form many Elders and community members in receiving this assistance.

The school bus plow owned by the Boucha brothers from Kenora, have agreed to assist AKRC in the weekly delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables to Angle Inlet until March 31, 2021. The Boucha brothers
have been plowing the ice road from Kenora to the isolated communities of Windigo Island and Angle Inlet for a few years who are contracted through Animakee Wa Zhing #37. The ice road provides the
conveniences and ability of accessing the local services of Kenora being delivered from organizations such as the WHNAC and KCA, Treaty 3 police.

Currently, through planning sessions with AKRC staff – the Resource council has been able to provide the community if Northwest Angle #33 with two food delivery services under the Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Strategy Program and Covid-19 Funding.

  • The Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Strategy program funded through the Grand Council Treaty #3 provides regional funding to AKRC to initiate a plan for the first nations bands of Big Grassy, Onigaming, and Northwest Angle #33. A total of 295 households are provided with a weekly supply of fresh fruit and vegetables. The program is aimed at providing healthy eating and access to fresh fruits and vegetables. AKRC is also working with Webb’s from Fort Frances, Ontario.
  • Through Covid-19 funding, AKRC provided a delivery recently on February 19, 2021 to provide the community of Angle Inlet with groceries and supplies to assist the isolated community in their current lock-down state.

Additional supports are expected to come that will be funded by the IHWS – Indigenous Health and Wellness Strategy to deliver another supply of food in the upcoming days.

For more information, Please contact Rhonda Nash, Executive Director or Elizabeth Arch, Community Development Support Worker, by calling our main office at 807-226-4445 or using the contact form.



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