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AKRC Fire Services Program

Fire Protection I Prevention Officer

The Fire Protection I Prevention Officer, is responsible to provide direct technical and advisory services to the Tribal Council and member First Nations, To develop, implement and monitor volunteer fire departments, and increase the general awareness of fire safety and prevention issues in the community.


  • Assess, identify and recommend to the Band Councils and the Fire Chief on the performance, the equipment, and the training needs of each community’s volunteer fire department.
  • Provide and /or deliver approved training to the Band volunteer fire departments relating to structural fire fighting and fire prevention.
  • Maintain adequate training materials and records of training provided. Develop a fire prevention education program for delivery to each First Nation community and local education authorities.
  • Document, identify any potential or existing fire hazards in or around the communities.
  • Assist First Nations to develop, and/or update community Emergency disaster plans.
  • Conduct fire and life safety inspections,
  • Evaluates, approves and enforces fire safety plans
  • Evaluates fire development proposals,
  • Performs public relations
  • Reviews and assists in building plans for compliance with relevant Codes and Standards,
  • Conducts and assists HRSDC inspections of new or renovated public buildings,
  • Maintains professional competency.


  • Fire safety poster contest for schools
  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Fire prevention week
  • Fire safety inspections
  • Fire investigation
  • Young Fire Setter Prevention
  • Fire prevention material distribution


The Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag are historically known as the
People of the Lake, the Spirit Lake,
Commonly referred to as the Lake of the Woods.


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