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Director of Operations

Kathy MacLeod

  • Manage and direct the Resource Council towards its primary objectives by performing the following duties personally and/or through subordinate staff.
  • Work as Executive Secretary to the Governing Board of Chiefs.
  • Work as Senior Officer in charge of day to day operations.
  • Work as the person responsible to ensure adherence to the principles of Kabapikotawangag Protocol.

What We Do

Role of AKRC is to provide advisory services to its five (5) member First Nation communities through conducting its governance model which provides clear models to staff and employees of AKRC, which guides us to provide better services to our First Nation communities. The Governing Board of Chiefs along with the advice of the Elders, play an important role as they give directions and advice related to the Economic Development, Education, Health, Natural Resources, Emergency Planning, Financial Planning and Technical Services.


The Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag are historically known as the
People of the Lake, the Spirit Lake,
Commonly referred to as the Lake of the Woods.


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